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Saturday, October 12, 2013

Cats ~ What They Mean To Me

Hello again, today's topic is going to be about my cats and what they mean to me, I have met a lot of different people here at school, some cat people, some dog people, and some who love both, and some who don't like either. For those who fit into the categories of dog, and neither, they seem to be under the impression that cats only live to exact their rule over the human race. While this is true for many a cat, they have very separate personalities and not all of them hate humans and are completely independent, this starts me on my cat Sage.
Sage is one of those cats that goes completely against the typical cat stereotype, she loves people, she loves laps, and she just in general loves. The only way I can think of her as a normal cat is that she doesn't care that you want to sleep in some day, if it's past 7am she had better be fed immediately or she will kneed your bladder until you do so. My mom and I always say that her perfect place to live would be a nursing home with so many willing laps and beds to lay on. My other favorite part of Sage is the fact that she sounds like she's purring when she's simply breathing, so it tends to sound like she's constantly happy, but the best part is that when she is actually purring you can hear it from quite a distance away.

Now onto MY cat Mr. Bibblesworth (female)
Meet Bibbles, she is what my mom likes to call "Pam in cat form". Bibbles personality reflects mine almost perfectly. She mostly just eats, sleeps, and lays around happily, and she doesn't enjoy strenuous activity. She is definitely what I would consider the stereotypical cat, she is very independent and thinks very highly of herself. Which brings me to Pumpkin, my least favorite.
Pumpkin is our rudest cat, she hates me with a deep burning passion and to be honest sometimes is goes both ways. Gosh forbid I enter the same room as her, much less Bibbles entering the same room. She is very very stereotypical for a cat. She considers herself to be at the top of the totem pole in the house, she's very independent and I truly believe her life goal is to rule the human race. With all that said I still consider her one of my cats, there are moments, as with any cat, where you feel loved by her, it's not often, but it can and most likely will happen once she gets to know you.

All in all, I love my cats, personalities and all, I find that people who dislike cats have probably not owned one or have had and incredibly horrid experience with a singular cat, or are lying.

Saturday, October 5, 2013

Let Me Introduce Myself


           Hi there, my name is Pam, I'm a "Junior" Transfer student at Drake university and I have a multitude of life passions including but not limited to; cats & dogs (animals in general), food, and positivity. 

          Let's start with the cats and dogs, I have always been raised as an animal lover my entire life, after moving into our first how my family got our first pets, a cat and a dog, that soon morphed into 3 cats and 1 dog. After our dog passed we went a long time with just the cats, but soon after too much time of being dog-less we decided to start fostering for our local doberman rescue, Illinois Doberman Rescue. I have come to love the breed more than anything and have very strong feelings about the 'aggressive breeds', I don't doubt that I will make a post about those feelings in the future. We have fostered 8+ dogs within the year of us fostering, and 5 cats 3 of which were young kittens. When I return for the Holidays my mother and I plan on fostering more young kittens! I have owned and been around animals all my life and can't wait to share my experiences, tips, and stories with you, and can't wait to hear the same from you all!

         Onto food! If you know me at all then you know that I love food, I mean, let's be honest you can probably tell just by looking at me. Food is a great love of mine, especially Asian food! Now this blog is going to be mostly about food, especially when I'm home from school, I can't cook much here so when I get home I'm going to be cooking up a storm and documenting it all for you! Please do keep in mind though, these recipes will most likely be ones I found for the first time, so you will be getting the results of me trying something for the first time.

          Now when I say positivity I mean it in multiple ways, I've been hearing a lot of stuff about fatspo, thinspo, and fitspo, and there's also body positivity. BUT I want people to be able to focus on "me positivity," people need to be more positive about themselves in general. So I'll be sharing my own adventures in beginning to love myself as is, and trying to not be negative about myself like I have been a lot lately. This will also include my own posts about workouts I'm trying out, and any beauty tips coming from this naturally curly girl!

So that's what this blog will be mostly about, now I can't guarantee that this'll be all that's on here, I can't even guarantee constant posting, but what I can guarantee is that there'll be plenty of recipes when I'm home, plenty of cat stories when I'm home, and plenty of positivity when I'm going through highs and lows of my self esteem.